Are Poly-Amorous Relationships Acceptable in Today’s Society?

Poly-amorous relationships, also known as poly relationships, are those that involve two or more people consensually dating and sharing intimacy together. They are not to be confused with cheating where a monogamous partner has relations with another person on the side. In poly relationships, all the partners involved relate with one another with full consent and knowledge.

poly amorous relationships

How Do Poly Relationships Work?

Many people become fascinated by polyamory. The thought of a relationship where more than two people become intimate with each other while giving full consent has stimulated the imagination of human beings through the annals of time. And it’s still no different.

For example, a relationship depicting polyamory was part of the plot of a recent superhero action movie that hit it big time at the box office. But how do these relationships function?

To understand poly-amorous relationships, one needs to realize that they are constituted by and made up of people. Poly partners are human beings, and they have the same desires, longings, hopes and dreams as those in monogamous relationships.

Once you appreciate that fact, you will see that it takes willingness and intentionality to form and sustain a poly relationship too. Just like with monogamy, polyamory is a choice and as such one has to weigh the effects of that choice against their willingness to opt for it.

Contrary to popular imagination most poly relationships did not begin with one partner coercing another into something they did not want. It is true that some have started out that way and often they do not work out. For those that do last, their beginnings are marked by two or more partners discussing the possibility of such a relationship in a sober, frank way.

Once they decide to get into such a relationship, they develop regular check-ins to find out how the other is doing. Emotional intelligence (EI) is just as critical in polyamory as it is in monogamy. Living arrangements vary depending on the desires of those who make up the relationship. Some choose to live together while others opt to live in different spaces but have communal time. Boundaries are also essential in poly relationships to bring structure and order to things.

Are Poly Relationships Still Acceptable Today?

There are some very varied opinions about the acceptability of polyamory today. Those who support it cite the similarity in emotional and psychological nature of monogamy as one reason why it should be accepted culturally. If we accept same-sex relationships today then why not polyamory?

Many Americans now accept polygamy as morally acceptable with an approval rating of 17 percent up from 7 percent despite the law still being opposed to it. On the other hand, those who stand in opposition to it point to conservative relationship norms as a guiding light.

Those who hold on to religion cite the scriptures as the foundational model of a relationship we are meant to emulate. Data linking genetic problems, social evils like substance addiction and rape and higher rates of heart disease to poly relationships is evidence those opposed to it point to as proof.

While many Americans may view poly relationships as morally acceptable, things are different the world over. In developing countries where the main cultural posture is still quite conservative, polyamory is deemed morally reprehensible.

Only the Muslim faithful and few other groups consider it openly acceptable. In Europe, the winds are changing as polyamory becomes more morally acceptable although at lower levels than in the USA.

So, are poly relationships acceptable? No definitive answer yet exists to this question. Culture, religion, constitutional laws and personal leanings all contribute to muddy the waters. Consensual dating of more than one partner seems to be a heated issue with different people arriving at different viewpoints. As the decades roll in, more people warm up to the idea of poly relationships. And still more people grow in their opposition to it. In the end, it is up to an individual to decide for themselves.


Polyamory as a practice has been around since the dawn of time. From sacred religious books and accounts that indicate such relationships all the way to today, they are a part of our society. There are different opinions on the moral acceptability of polyamory, and different eras, cultures, societal norms and personal choices lead to varied stances on the matter.

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