Dating Profile Photo

To resize your dating profile photo go to and click into the middle where the arrow points to.


On your computer a window will open up. Now find your photo and select the folder on your PC where your photo is located and open it to see your photos. See below.


Now click on the photo that you wish to upload to to get resized. After that click on open. (red arrow)

As soon as you have done this your photo will get resized automatically online. Watch the green bar. See below.


When the photo is resized click on “download”. After that a window will open up. (see below)


Must be marked with “SAVE FILE”. This means that your photo (file) will be saved in a folder on your computer. This will be in the “Download” folder unless you have changed the download location in your browser which is probably not the case.

Click OK

After this the photo will be downloaded and saved on your computer in the folder called “Downloads”. Just find this folder on your PC and open it. You will find your resized photo there. See below.


Open the “download” folder. From there you can upload the dating profile photo to my dating site. Just log into your account and go to “Edit Profile” on my dating site and click on the empty photo placeholder, then a window will open. Click on “BROWSE” and go to your photo in the folder “Downloads”, then click on the photo and click on the right button in the window of the dating site. After that the photo will get resized to the correct profile size and uploaded automatically. This can take a while when the photo is still big.

When it is resized this means that the volume will be around 40% lighter. The actual size will not get resized. This means the width and height of the photo stays the same.

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