Dating Scammer – Romance Scam

Online dating is usually safe and easy. Just be realistic and cautious, don’t send money and try to meet a person in real life first to avoid running into a dating scammer who wants just money from you.

Romance Scam or Dating Scam can’t be avoided by the operator of a dating site. There are always dishonest or poor people who try to make money on dating sites. They come mostly from third world countries where people are very poor. You have to be aware of this.

If you run into a romance scammer you can get deeply damaged, financially and psychologically, and you will be embarrassed when you realize that you have been scammed.

Romance Scam – You are Vulnerable to get Scammed!

Get this: When you are looking for love you are more vulnerable than usual. This weakness is explored and used by online scammers to get access to your money or bank account. Learn to spot a scammer quickly and protect yourself.

dating scammer

You don’t know if you are dealing with a real woman or a man who pretends to be a woman. This person could also be a woman who pretends to be a man. You know nothing about this person.

Your potential date could be a woman who pretends to be a man or a man who pretends to be a woman!

How can you tell a Scammer online dating?

1. Age Difference

Often online dating scammers contact people older than themselves. For example: middle aged women.

They know that they are ideal targets because they have saved up money all their life and are more vulnerable as they tend to be less cautious if they are lonely and then contacted by a younger man.

2. Check their Dating Profile

Scammers from third world countries usually have no job so they write into their profile: self-employed, a student, a professional or working overseas.

Some pretend to live near you, or in your country and say they live in an American or European city, but in reality they live in Africa, Asia or Russia.

3. Photo in Scammers Profile

Get more pictures of someone online to avoid running into a scammer.
They often show just one photo which they have copied somewhere else. Usually they could copy just one photo only of this person, because just one was available.

Make sure to ask your potential dating partner to send you a few photos of themselves that shows him or her in different postures and suroundings.

Check the background, furniture and landscapes of these photos. Don’t talk any further until you get more photos.

4. Check their Profile to see how often they are online

5. Never give specific Information about yourself like your Address or Phone Numbers

6. Dating Scammers First Question

Usually the first question they ask is during the first communication is what you are doing for a living. What’s your job? Have you studied? Are you a professional?

This helps them to estimate how much money you may have. Never give away any detailed financial information or personal background information.

7. Being scammed?

If you think you are being scammed, delete his or her messages immediately and stop engaging in future conversations that will give the scammer more and more information about you.

Do not send additional images of yourself in the beginning but check first if your are dealing with a scammer or not.

8. Usually a Dating Scammer is unable to send Emails which are consistent

They make mistakes and don’t answer your questions correctly to avoid giving away any personal information that you could check in google search.

Maybe they work in a Team

Or they work in a team and the person who answers you is a different person than the one who has contacted you before. Their knowledge of the English language is also different, the second person may have a different sentence structure than the first and uses different expressions.

They don’t speak your language properly and make mistakes in grammar and spelling or they start to contradict themselves after a few emails.

9. Speed of Conversation

The scammer will be keen to communicate quickly via phone or texting outside of the dating site.

He will soon express his love and passion for you and makes compliments about your look. Be aware! He has never met you in real life but loves you already. Ridiculous!

10. Watch out for the Catch

Trust me, the catch will come! Just wait for it and the catch will come soon. Sooner or later they want to get your money somehow. They will tell you a heart-breaking story about an accident or another financial emergency and ask for your money to be sent immediately to help them out.

If that happens then stop communicating immediately and delete his conversation and look for someone else.

11. Never meets you in Person

Dating Scammers never meet you in person. They always find excuses. They are full of lies.

Don’t trust anybody online until you have met this person in real life. It’s simple as that!

12. A Dating Scammer asks you for a favor!

He might ask you to do him a favor. For example, to receive a letter by post and asks you to send it further to someone else. Or he might ask you to receive a package for him and send it further or something else of that nature.

Never ever do things like this or you might get sucked into a criminal act of some kind.

Many Dating Scammers address you with “Dear…”

Get this! A Scammer will create an emotional connection between you and him first before he scams you! You will feel obliged to help him!

Examples of Scams:

  • There is a man from Nigeria asking me to send money for his sick mother.
  • There is a Filipina woman who claims she has three kids and nothing to eat. This may not be a woman at all, but a man who pretends to be a poor woman.
  • They suddenly had an accident and are in a hospital in Nigeria and can’t pay the bill.
  • He wanted to travel to you but suddenly got robbed and lost all his money.
  • He got arrested in his country but is innocent and needs money to get out of prison.
  • His son needs a heart operation but your date has no money to pay the hospital for the operation, so his son is going to die soon unless you send a specific amount of money quickly to begin with the operation.

Be careful! Some are even spending money on you and then turn around and ask for more money you should spend on them.

Don’t waste your time asking them why they need money because all you get are lies.

Dating Scammer Methods

1. Transfer of Bank Accounts

Some scammers want your account info to withdraw money from your bank account. Don’t be silly!

2. Travel Scam

This is a classical scam. He says that he lives in a foreign country and has no money to see you. If you transfer any money you will never hear from him again. He is gone with your money.

3. Nigerian Postal Scam

Watch out for this scam. He is telling you that his kid is very ill and that he needs money urgently to pay for the medical bills, the hospital etc. or that he has been robbed while travelling to you or that he had an accident and can’t pay the hospital bills. There are many variations to this.

4. Prostitute Scam

Many prostitutes use dating protals to contact men. You can recognize them if you check their profile photos and descriptions.

They use perfect photos and erotic names and are most likely younger than you are.

5. Phone Scam

The scammer asks you to call him on the phone. If you call him you will get a very high phone bill from your provider next time. The scammer gets his share of it.

6. Member of the US Military or Police

Some scammers state that they are soldiers of the US army to reel you in.
This increases the probability that he will get your money.

7. Inheritage Scam

He says that his uncle died shortly and that he has inherited him a lot of money but he can’t get it because he has to pay the fees of the solicitor first. If you could help him out. There are many variations to this scam.

8. Asking for Favours


Put up Rules to protect yourself

Keep a clear head at all times and analyse the possible financial damage that could happen to you before you take action to do what your date asks you to do.

Understand this: Long before you get scammed the scammer will establish an emotional connection between you and him!

Be aware and watch out!

  • Emails in broken English
  • Be aware of very attractive photos. Get more photos from your date where he is shown in his original environment.
  • Wants to communicate outside of the dating portal. Scammers give you their email address or skype name and ask you to communicate via email or skype.

You are safe when you communicate within the dating site. So don’t leave it.

How to Recognize an Online Dating Scam Artist

  • 1. Wants you to leave the dating website to communicate using personal e-mail or instant messaging
  • 2. Expresses instant feelings of love
  • 3. Shows or sends you a photograph of himself that looks like something from a glamour magazine
  • 4. Claims to be from the U.S. and is traveling or working overseas
  • 5. Wants to visit you but is then unable to do so because of a tragic event
  • 6. Asks for money for a variety of reasons (travel, medical emergencies, child or other relative, visas or other official documents, losses or being innocently arrested).
  • 7. Asks you for a favor of some kind.

There are some guys they make you believe that they love you so much then they will borrow money and promise to pay as soon he will come to your country. What do you think?

“Do you really believe this nonsense? Of course they never pay it back and they never come to your country. As soon as they have your money they will disappear and go somewhere else to find another dumb person, who gives money.”

Do not send money through any wire transfer service to someone you met online.

Now you are prepared!
Good Luck!

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