First Date Tips

I give you some first date tips.

How to get that conversation started on your First Date?
I was looking out for a serious relationship when one of my friends suggested me to make my profile on an online dating app. Not too much of person who would do this, the same friend helped me create my id on the same and added a few photos of me. Well, that wasn’t too difficult when you compare it with actually sitting in front a person and talking about life.

I started to talk to a couple of matches that I thought were worth considering and meeting up. So I decided to meet up some and see for myself. Things weren’t as they look like because what you speak and how you speak matters a lot.

I have had my lesson and now it is your turn.

How have you been doing lately?
The very thing that should come out of your mouth in order to start the conversation should be – “how have you been?” or “how have you been doing lately?” This shows that you are courteous enough to ask about her well being. Don’t look over concerned, but a general sense of concern should be okay for you. Being a friendly way to kicking start your conversation, this is the ideal way.

Who are all there in your family?
The next thing to ask in order to get familiar with the person’s background is asking about the family. Females are sentimental beings and love it when a guy also reaches out to the well being of a family. So, you have a chance to make a good impression by asking “how your family is doing ?” and extending it by asking “who all are there ?”, if you haven’t asked this already while talking before.

Do you like pets?
This is a universal question that makes every woman happy. Pets make everyone happy. You can pep the conversation by asking “do you have pets ?” or “do you like pets?”. This would make you both comfortable with each other on a whole new level. People love to talk about common interests and pets can be your way of being an ice-breaker for the whole meet-up.

Complement and ask how do I look?
You can always complement your date the way she’s dressed for the occasion, just don’t go too far in flattery. On the other hand, ask them how do you look today. The idea is not to make the other person nervous but in a way to bring forth your sense of humor, ask the other the question. Just make sure that when you’re asking this question, you look absolutely stunning. From the basic men’s underwear styles to the dapper jacket as well as accessories, keep it all in place.

Do you like traveling?
If you are a travel buff and love to be found in the different places, this is an absolute question to ask. You can then carry forward about each other travel stories (if you both love to travel or else, cut the topic right there) and talk about the places you’ve already been to or planning to go in the coming time.

What kind of music do you prefer?
Music is a universal platform where you can connect with anyone. Ask your date the kind of music that they like. Share your playlist and ask for theirs so that you have something common to talk about. While talking about music, discuss their favorite singer too.

You probably find similar questions that you pep your conversation with.

I wish you good luck.