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Dating is safe and easy as long as you don’t send any money! Communicate on this site only and don’t give your address and personal details to unknown people. First meet the person in reality.

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DON’T ever send money to someone you meet online! Meet this person first in REAL LIFE!

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Just in case, read this about Dating Scammers and learn how to recognize them. This will be no problem for you, if you understand their nature and how they operate.

For Whom is this free Dating Site?

This free dating site is for heterosexual (straight) men and women, for persons of the opposite sex and gender AND for gays and lesbians (in short, for everybody). You must be over 18 years old.

Dating Profile – Be realistic and honest!

Write a good profile and upload a decent photo.
Don’t be boring and too general.

“I am smart, educated and have a good job. I like traveling and cycling. I am looking to a meet a beautiful woman for a serious relationship.”

Right! I am big, strong, good-looking, super intelligent and a millionaire and are looking for a beautiful and famous model to get married.

How boring. It is like a lot of other profiles. You don’t have to be superman to find a girl or a superwoman to find a guy. Just be yourself. Not everybody can be a millionaire..

Reflect your true Self
Just write what you really like and reflect your true self. Either they accept it or not. After all you don’t want to pretend what you are not. He or she will discover anyway how you really are after some time. So don’t fool yourself. If you fool around you will be the loser in the end.

If you write a good profile then you appear to be a genuine and serious-minded person and people feel that talking to you and meeting you is not just a waste of time. Read more …

Maybe Resize Photos

If you have problems uploading your profile photo resize your images here by volume because they are too big. How to resize your dating profile photo by volume?
Or Resize photo by width and height. Resize width to 500 px, download it to your PC (folder: downloads) and then upload it to my site.

Good Luck!