Human Pheromones and the Dating Game

The dating world can be difficult to navigate, which is one reason people look for ways to stay on top of it. Some people use their individual style to attract others while others use flirtatious talk, but there are more tools you can add to your game.

One of the most overlooked tools is none other than human pheromones. The following guide will tell you everything you should know about pheromones and which are the best pheromones.

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Getting to Know Pheromones a Little Better

It may seem farfetched, but human pheromones can definitely affect either sex in ways that are beneficial. Different studies show how powerful these chemicals can be on the right people. The following are some of the best pheromones to keep in mind:


Sometimes, androstenone is known as the alpha male pheromone simply because it is usually associated with men who consider themselves the leaders of the pack. The chemical enhances a person’s mood and ensures that the attention is placed on the alpha. It is a very dominating and somewhat overpowering chemical that some people find irresistible.


Another interesting chemical some human beings emit is the androstenol chemical. This chemical allows a person to feel more confident, which can definitely be attractive to others. Additionally, the chemical also makes a person seem healthier and younger than they might be, this is the way the body tells others that you are ready to reproduce. On a subconscious level, this reality makes a person a lot more attractive to possible love interests. The chemical has been known to make women talkative and giggly.


Androsterone does not make a person seem more attractive, but it may help a person appear more protective and reliable. This particular chemical encourages interested parties to believe that a person is peaceful. Those who want a peaceful and safe environment will definitely be interested in a person emitting this pheromone.


All of these chemicals are not meant to attract others. Some are made to help a relationship grow, such as androstadienone. This chemical is sometimes called the AI chemical or vomeropherin, just in case it is labeled differently in a scent you are considering. The chemical helps a woman feel more affection, intimacy and comfort, which are things you want.


This is more of a female pheromone that helps uplift a woman’s mood while also making her even more attractive. It seems to be a very powerful stimulant that women continue to emit throughout a relationship. This is definitely the kind of scent that women should want to enhance by any means necessary such as perfumes.


Oxytocin is one of the most popular hormones that the body emits for others. There are many reasons why this hormone is so popular amongst those who pay attention to the functionality of these chemicals. This particular chemical not only increases romantic attachment to your partner but also helps a person be a better mother by optimizing maternal behavior.

The hormone may also give a person a powerful orgasm, and everyone knows how important good sex is in a relationship. The hormone does not focus only on romantic relationships but also helps build friendships. It may decrease social anxiety, which helps someone make friends a little easier. The hormone also helps boost feelings of trust and empathy, which are vital for every relationship.

It is definitely the kind of pheromone that you want to enhance depending where you are in your relationship or if you feel like you are ready to make new friends.

There is no telling how much of a magnet you can become by simply taking control of your bodily chemicals. Using pheromones at the right time can make you not only irresistible but also the ideal partner for someone.

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