I think I’m ready (or getting that way)

Hello. I am a 57 year old single man, seeking a woman. I have been on my own for about 5 years now. For the most part, I have enjoyed it. My last girlfriend left me after 10 years. Long story, there.

Anyway, before that, I had been pretty much in something with someone for 29 years, been in what I thought was love 5 times in that amount of time. The past 5 years have been a breath of fresh air, to be honest with you. And I’ve had some time to reflect on things.

I was deathly afraid, for all those decades, to be alone, for fear that it would never change. I never actually fathomed the idea that I would enjoy it. It’s kind of nice being able to come and go as I please without having to justify it with anyone or prove that I have been where I say I’ve been.

I won’t have that, anymore, by the way. If that isn’t much of a selling point, oh well. Maybe I’m not what you’re looking for.

What I am looking for is someone to do things with often, but not full time. I like to go out and sing, pretend I can dance, shoot pool, go hiking, work out (I like to, and sometimes even do it). I would really like to find somebody that can and will do some of those things with me occasionally, like a couple times a week.

I guess, underneath it all, I kind of miss romance. There was, most of the time, a hand to hold onto, and somebody to wake up with in the mornings. Lately, I’ve left that behind for freedom, which, to tell the truth, isn’t something I regret, after 29 years serial monogamy that ended up not working anyhow.

Boy, I sure hope this doesn’t sound too bitter or cynical or something. But that’s my story. They called for honesty, and this is pretty much what I’m about right now.


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