Meeting a Woman

Meeting a woman can be quite uncomfortable when you have never seen and met her before. When you just know her photo from the internet. The photo can be quite different than her appearance in reality, believe me. She can look better in reality, or worse.

You don’t know this before you actually see her in real life.

I once used the chat and contacted a woman. She was from the Philippines, around 50 years old and had a son.

However, we chatted for some hours and finally she gave me her phone number. I rang her up, she hardly spoke English, but we talked for some hours.

Next day I rang her up again and sometimes she rang me up when she came home from work. She had a job with McDonalds.

After a week or so we finally agreed to meet at the main railway station. First she didn’t want to meet me at all because she was scared but changed her mind after we talked about it on the phone.

I waited for her at track number 1 inside the main railway station. I finally saw her coming but she looked different than on the photo. I didn’t like her face. But I thought: just let it happen and wait for the outcome.

We took the next train to a nice suburb and went into a cafe.
Somehow she came across very irritated when I forgot to get the sugar for her coffee. I never drink coffee with sugar, just black, so I forgot to get the sugar. I was quite nervous too.

After sometime we walked through the town and I showed her my passport to make her feel more secure. After some hours we were able to talk freely and we went to my flat taking the train to another suburb where I lived.

When we were sitting in my living room I was not sure if I should try to enter a relationship with her. I didn’t feel comfortable at all with her. She was not the type of woman I like.

I said: Let’s just be friends.

But she suddenly took my hand and said I should sit on the couch beside her. I went over and she started kissing me. Finally we ended up in bed together and a relationship was born. I just let it happen. Why should I worry, I thought. If it goes on, it goes on, if not then not.

This relationship didn’t last long, just a few months. She didn’t really love me and I didn’t get on with her son. After some time she started treating me badly. For example she wanted to visit me on Saturday but she never turned up and didn’t even ring me up to tell me that she will not come.

Or she was often in a bad mood when I visited her. To visit her I had to take a train and go for over an hour ride. So I visited her frequently every 2 weeks. I stayed a few days but then I had to go. I didn’t understand why. I had no real job and worked a bit online. So I hang around in her apartment all day and she went to her job at McDonalds in the morning until 4 o’ clock in the afternoon. This situation didn’t make her happy and I didn’t feel well because I knew she had a problem with that.

On top of that she always did what she wants without communicating with me. For example on Christmas she went with her son to a birthday party of her Philippine female friend and I had to stay at home.

In the end I had enough of her bad moods and her bad behaviour and I never visited her again.

“If she is not happy with me, then I find someone else”, I thought.


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