My last Relationship

Hello Sweetheart,

Thanks for the sweet words, Wow honey I believe you are for real with me now, I really appreciate you went as far as doing that just to satisfy me. It shows your good intentions….

From what I read so far, I think you are a great man that every good woman is desiring to have as a husband. I am afraid I am falling for you right now. You are a wonderful person with such a big heart, as much as I hope you wouldn’t hurt me, I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you. I know somewhere deep in my heart that you won’t hurt me, I feel so safe just talking to you and my heart feels secure at the thoughts of you.

I did talk to a lot of guys on the site but but mostly from guys who are just seeking a one night stand, I don’t know why people are so daft or just stupid to read my pro, I mean does my profile looks like one of those sluts or whores seeking just fun ???? So as expected your reply was the only one that got my attention because you were such a gentleman 🙂 and I don’t think i made a mistake replying you.

Before I completely deviate from the topic we were discussing, I do not really like talking about my last relationship. In fact since then, I became very scared and skeptical of men ever since that is until I met you of course. Like I said, my last relationship is something I do not want to remember at all but I will definitely tell you about it while i wait for you to tell me about yours as well.

It lasted for 2 years and some weeks, I think he got tired of me and decided to try new things. He started finding faults in every little thing I did and as much as I tried to make the situation better, it only got worse, it killed me to see somebody I loved become that way.

I talked to him, begged and comforted and he just kept changing his character everyday turning to a devil I did not know. I really wanted to get very serious in that relationship, but I guess we were not just compatible anymore.

And then he went ahead to hurt me further by having an affair with another girl and flaunting it in my face. To the extent of telling me he didn’t need me in front of the other girl when I confronted him, I was broken and very miserable after then.

I have always been honest in past relationships, but weirdly, I never get any honesty back in return from my partners. I have been single ever since then and do not want to rush into anything and be hurt again.
I want somebody I can call my own and be down with. I need an honest man who is ready for a serious relationship, ready to prove to me that he can love, respect and cherish his woman and I will definitely do the same.

I really want my relationship to be the last one, the one that ties the knot. I have been praying about it.

Well, I hoped I was not beginning to bore you. I have been feeling weak and sick since the last time I emailed you. Lemme go get something to eat, take a little rest and hope I feel better. Take care until I hear from you again and do have a wonderful week. I am not sure I will be having a great one myself, might go see the doctor if this persists.

I have to go now, be safe, talk to you soon sweetheart!