Not so simple to see

Unfortunately, looking back afterwards I can totally see it now.  My logical brain is working and I am no longer in that vulnerable or insecure and lonely state I was drowning in two years ago.

I really hate the people who say how obvious the signs are.  Um, like, duh!  Those people aren’t emotionally invested with the inability to see outside of the ‘love’ developing.  I wasn’t in a good place and this individual knew it.

He went through his scripts and was involved with a team.  Their inconsistent conversations and inability to keep facts straight was what jolted me out of the fantasy that became an unending nightmare.

Intelligence doesn’t exist when the emotion mind takes over.  It’s not dumb people being taken advantage of alone.  Quite the contrary.  Attorneys, law enforcement officers, doctors, professors and everywhere in between.

From my experience, it appears that those not utilizing their emotional side very often due to professional requirements or avoidance in general are more susceptible to emotional manipulation.

Particularly if a person spends much of their time alone for whatever reason.  I prefer my alone time, as being around other people is energetically draining naturally.

Looking back at the evidence I collected from that troll, it is painfully obvious and rather embarrassing.  However, if you haven’t been in this situation, please don’t insult or harass those that have.

Believe me, we know what happened because we were there experiencing it.  Be grateful to not have gone through it and lost money.

I am no longer that same gal.  I pity the fool who attempts that with me again.  Lol!  I dealt with a narcissist scammer and have seen every script and storyline in their books.

Btw, I got on my scammers nerves deeply.  I pissed him/them off for months and their anger wasn’t on any of their scripts, lol! Oh boy!  It was fun.  Lol!

Their fake website finally got the axe, I see!  Buh bye willfaire constructions!