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Show your Face

Fill out your profile as completely as possible. Upload your photo so your potential partner can see you.

Make sure that the photo shows your face clearly. After all the face is what counts most as the face tells us a lot about a persons character.

It always annoys me when I have uploaded a very good photo and the other person has not uploaded a photo at all. This tells me that the other person is not serious about dating and I am just wasting my time contacting her or him.

It is also completely illogical to upload a photo where a person is shown at a distance where I can’t see the face.  I want to see the face.

If you are not able to upload a decent photo of yourself where your head and face are clearly visible then don’t upload a photo at all, because it is a waste of resources.

Don’t even start dating on my site like this because this behaviour shows that you have the wrong attitude about dating.

Don’t give personal Details

Don’t give anybody personal details like handy number, email or credit card number etc.

Keep your Expectations low

Only around 20% of people find a partner over the internet. The other 80% have no persistence and simply give up after they had one or two dates and did’t meet the right match right away. You have to persist for a long time if necessary. Don’t give up!

I wish you good luck with my online singles dating site.