Peacekeeper in Syria

The profile is a single guy, working in Syria as a Peacekeeper. UN assignments mean that for the length of their 5 year contract, they do not have access to their own bank accounts.

To leave for a break they need someone outside of Syria to book their plane ticket. Normally they would have their spouse do it but she is divorced and or passed away.

After bonding with you as their love savior, after generating in you a great desire to meet him, he will propose that you transfer $700usd to an account, and advise this was done then he would arrange things from there.

Syria is heating up after a ceasefire truce collapsed early this month (Sept 2019) so life is getting more and more dangerous. The love came very quickly and intensely.

This one connected with me intellectually, and was well versed in relationship counseling. I reluctantly fell for the ruse. I thought I found someone willing to discuss relationship factors and a commitment to work together.

He sent me motivational videos that we talked about, and love songs.

I am an English teacher and a writer. I kept noticing inconsistencies, really odd and out of place things, like he loved me because of my smiles at the table and the way I finished everything on my plate — how the hell did he ever see that? We have never eaten together!

Further, the tone of the writing changed a lot, sentence structure, odd grammar, not indicative of a Masters of Business graduate, or of a General in the military. I had hoped that it was real and was reluctant to search for the text script samples.

I searched “Since we can’t be together in the same town right now, your emails feed my soul.” and landed here, on this site, advising about romance scammers.

I got as far as getting the deposit account details, and the email address to communicate about arrangements. I met this fellow at Words with Friends.

Almost 24 hours ago another guy also a UN peacekeeper in Syria just started up a new chat with me–Is that so? I said, and shut him down. I wanted to hire Wymoo to search the first fellow, John Richard, but wonder if reporting it to the RCMP is better?