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I give you some tips now for my single dating web site to get along better.

Research about single women and men shows that women apparently are more selective than men. They look more for status and reliability while men are blended by beauty and attractivity.

Men just pretend that personality and character are important to them, however tests have shown that they go by attractivity almost always while women tend to get a more universal impression of a man.

Women carry a higher risk while dating because they can get pregnant whereas men can simply have sex and disappear after that. For that reason women check up a potential partner more deeply and it matters a lot for them if he is “family friendly” or not.

Attractivity is the most important factor for men to select a woman. “Family Orientation” and social status are of secondary importance only.


Online dating use has risen substantially in the last years mostly due to mobile dating apps.

If you are into online dating make sure that you don’t wait too long to meet a prospective partner in person or you reach a so-called “tipping point” because you idealize someone before you have actual met this person in reality.

Then, after weeks or months, when you meet this person after extensive communication, over a long period of time, you might get a shock when you meet this person for real as he or she does not look like the person that you have created in your head before, based on internet photos, sending emails back and forth and talking on the phone for weeks or months.

You probably will be disappointed badly. So longer you wait so more assumptions you will make about the character of this person and the more distorted the image will be that’s in your mind.

According to researcher Artemio Ramirez, Jr., Ph.D., an Associate Professor at the University of South Florida you should not wait longer than 17-21 days before you meet your prospective partner face to face.

It is an illusion to believe that much online interaction helps you to know a person better. This is not the case. Another factor is that people lie in their profiles quite often. And in effect it does not really matter what interests a person has listed in the profile on the single dating web site.

You are not the sum of all the articles you have read and all the knowledge you have accumulated, there is much more that makes you up. So stop thinking that to have the same interests is the most important factor. There are many other factors involved to find the right match.

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